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  • Recovery Inc - Issue 1 - Page 2 process

    Page 2 gets into saying one thing with the words and saying a different thing with the visuals - nothing contrary, just making sure the words aren't redundant to the visuals. Mia's internal monologue delves into her history a little, while the visuals have here finding what she came here for. I very much wanted to have her walking right past a person sleeping. She's doing all of this right under the guy's nose. Of course this sets us up for what will happen soon (like on the next page). Layout:

    Not much to say about the pencils - they're pretty straight forward, except...

    for the spotted blacks. Sometimes I do this before hand, sometimes I don't. I should probably do it all the time, but I struggle with "time" too much already. 


    And finally, inks with text. Again, I share these because it's really important, where text goes on a page. Look at the inks alone, then again with the text - notice how the text changes how your eyes flow through a page. They lead your eye more than the visuals do. Btw, the sound effects are in red simple so you can see them better here - they'd get lost, black on black. Duh (as in duh, you know this, why am I telling you?).