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  • The Best Laid Plans...

    of Mice and Men. Right? Due to fortunate events, I'm having to switch gears from Simon Brizdale to Recovery, Incorporated. I finished issue 1 of Recovery, Inc (RI for short) a while back, but never shared any process images, so I'm going to start doing that as I finish writing chores on the first story arc of RI and get into new pages. So we start off with the layout. I don't usually have the letters here, but someone I no longer have a version of the layout without them. 

    Issue 1, page 1. Introduction of our protagonist. Who is she? What does she do? Why is it interesting? What kind of visuals do we deliver so that you can recognize our heroine? All this on page 1, as well as a crisp statement on her character. That was the goal; I think we did alright. 

    Next: my penicls, in this case done in Photoshop (I'm now an ardent suporter and user of Clip Studio Paint, formerly known as Manga Studio). I prefer doing my roughs digitally because of how editable they are. Draw a great hand but it's a little too big? Instead of erasing it and drawing it over, just lasso it, reduce it, and keep moving. Same for flipping figures, which is great to check the accuracy of your drawing, and can also be used to help the clarity of storytelling. On this page you'll notice that I redraw the figures in panels 2 and 4, for clarity, and reverse the figures in panels 5 and 8 for storytelling flow. All a snap when you're working digitally.

    This story was originally intended to be 8 page segments in an anthology magazine, so from a writing point of view, each set of 8 pages has a very clear set of intentions. I learned pretty quickly that I love working like this - it really forces you to trim the fat. The story stays very taught and rewards the studious reader. It's like one of those movies where you've got to pay attention all the way through it. It's dense.

    Next up: inks. This page was also drawn (inked, they are interchangable when you're working digitally) in Photoshop. I usually go back and forth between old fashioned paper/ink and digital. I need the change of pace from time to time. Hopefully the different methods blend together well enough that most people will never which pages were done in which format. 

    One of the main things I wanted to do for this comic is base all the technology off of either existing technology or technology that is very, very near to reality. The glass cutter on page 1 here is the only real exception. It's not a gargantuan stretch, but to the best of my knowledge there's no laser strong enough to cut glass (currently) that's also this compact and mobile. 

    The city shot in panel 1 is really Hong Kong. I didn't go with a shot of any particular piece of iconic architecture, but it's still the correct location. That's the other thing we really wanted to do in this comic: make all the locations real locations. That means a lot of research on google maps. A lot!

    Finally: letters. I know, you saw them earlier, but here they are anyways. :-)

    Want to see the finished version of this page? You can see it on our website that hosts all our comics: LUXcomics Just look for the Recovery Inc menu tab. Cheers!