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    Yet another header image. This is a story based on an 8 page short I wrote and drew way back in... heck, I don't know exactly - '98 or '99 maybe? The expanded version was initially going to be a 12 issue mini-series, but I think I can tighten it down to 9 or 10 issues now. That often comes with getting better at writing: you learn to keep things shorter and more to the point (but still leave ample room for characters to breathe, etc...).

    It's also gone through a name change. It was originally Take That Job and Shove It, but it was too similar, I think, to the well known song. This title is far better fitting for the story, which is about a guy who learns he has super powers and the life that happens around him while he's obsessed with chasing his dream of becoming a well known hero. You know how all those Disney films tell you to follow your dreams? And how the protagonist in those stories always succeeds in the end? Well, this ain't one of those stories. This is a story that resonates with the other 99% out there.